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About us

Brand History

Inspired by nomadic tribes, the name Horde Studio conjures up freedom, adventure and self-assertion, as well as creation. Born from a passion for self-expression and openness to others, Horde Studio is the original idea of a couple, Yasmine and Michael. Based in London and eager to share their vision of apparel, they launched their project in 2020. Their ambition: to offer pieces that reflect and highlight peoples’ personalities.

Brand Identity

For Horde Studio, beauty lies in singularity. The brand embraces diversity and celebrates what is different, which creates wealth. It adopts a sustainable approach and its designs are based on the conscientious choice of materials and craftsmanship. Respect is a fundamental value that permeates Horde Studio’s entire value chain: respect for others, for their choices, for each person’s efforts, but also for nature and the environment. Thus, at Horde Studio, each successful design is the result of collaborative work based on strong bonds and sound values.

Brand Spirit

More than a vision of fashion, Horde Studio is a vision of life. A vision revolving around energies. Those that are involved in the creative process, those that inspire the designs and those that are passed on to the people who wear them. Horde Studio is an avant- garde house that acts as a passive manifestation of philosophical and artistic ideas. Generating confidence and assurance, it is an ode to self-expression. It aims to highlight the identity of each and every one, in what makes them different and singular.

Apparel, according to Horde Studio

More than just a fashion piece, Horde Studio’s designs are an expression of positive vibes. The result of a conscientious approach based on the respect for nature and mankind, giving those who wear it a radiant glow. Through its timeless designs, those who wear Horde Studio apparel stand out in society. Horde Studio is, at the same time, a source of inspiration, an impulse and a means of self- expression.


Horde Studio is an ode to art, culture and nature. It is the fruit of desire, intuition, emotion and keen attention to detail. Music that makes hearts dance, an old cliché, a colorful fabric, an architecture with clean lines... As for the home line, the sources of inspiration are manifold, generous and endless. This attention to detail throughout the entire creative process is reflected in Horde Studio’s final designs, which are sublime and rare.

Who the brand is for

For those who use clothing as a means of expression, For those who think, choose and live freely, For those who have a flair for detail and appreciate the value of creative design, For those who are drawn to its vibrations, Horde Studio adorns them with a subtle, evocative and sublimating shell, And brings out their full potential and the intensity of their glow.

Manufacturing processes

From the choice of fabrics and materials to the manufacture of its pieces, Horde Studio adopts responsible manufacturing processes that are respectful of humans, animals and the environment. Horde Studio’s creations are long-lasting companions designed to be worn throughout the different stages of life.

Purchasing and delivery process

Horde Studio’s designs can be purchased through the brand's online store. Items are shipped from the UK via express shipping with the possibility of free returns, exchanges or refunds.

Same Day Dispatch

All orders placed are dispatched same day.

Free & Fast Delivery

A free fully-trackable 2 day delivery service on all orders.

Exchanges & Returns

You have 30 days from the shipping date to return your purchase